OUR 50TH REUNION is now in the history books. In April of 2016 I started contacting people about working on the committee. The first person I contacted was Brenda Morgan and she agreed to co-chair the committee with me. We set a date for everyone that thought they might be interested to meet. I did not sugar coat anything, since I was a veteran committee member for our 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and 40th reunions. It is not an easy task to plan an event like this. The logistics of it is a nightmare. There are people that make a living helping people plan events like this and they must be gluttons for punishment. At the first meeting we had a lot of people sign up but when the first real meeting came around  there weren't nears as many as on the list. We had a couple that eventually dropped out but there was a couple that were added and we ended up with a great bunch of people whose only goal was to make our 50th reunion the very best it would be. Click HERE to see the ones that hung in there. After the first few meetings we were working like a well oiled machine. We had an eating meeting once a month on the 2nd Thursday and the last couple of months we met every other Thursday. That is just a little of what this great group of people sacrificed to put on a great reunion for our class. The real work was accomplished between meetings. The meetings were just to assign the tasks to complete before the next meeting. All this hard work paid off on June 10, 2017 at the American Legion Club on Cross Lake. Everyone who attended experienced a reunion unlike any we had ever had before or will ever have again. We were a group of people who had known each other for at least 50 years and some friendships went as far back as grade school. No one was trying to impress, everyone was themselves and it was a time of visiting old friends, those we have stayed with and especially those we haven't seen since we left the hallowed halls of our castle Woodlawn. Great music, Fantastic Food and the perfect venue overlooking beautiful Cross Lake. Fun was had by all and as the committee we just looked at each other and shook hands and hugged each other when we finally realized what we had accomplished and throughout the evening the student body came up to a member and verified that we had created the very best reunion of the CLASS OF 1967 FROM WOODLAWN HIGH SCHOOL IN SHREVEPORT, LA.



Jim Steward, Brenda Morgan and your reunion committee 2017















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