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 Date:        03/02/02
Time:        06:36 AM


Looks pretty good! - Ronnie

Date:        03/02/02
Time:        08:50 AM


It is obvious someone cared enough to design this site.  You have done well.  Thank you.

Date:        03/26/02
Time:        12:47 PM


This is a great website and I totally enjoyed every part of it. It is so nice to know someone has the ability and dedication to set up and maintain this website that will preserve our memories. Long live  the WHS Class of 67. Jo Ann    

Date:        03/31/02
Time:        12:58 PM


I don't often spend much time on line but I just spent almost an hour going throug the site it is realy great. keep up the good work can't wait till the reunion.
John T. Mustian ( Truett )

Date:        04/06/02
Time:        08:57 AM




Date:        04/12/02
Time:        12:54 PM


NEAT site.....even though i was the class of 70 this site brings back so many memories of WHS good job!

Date:        04/19/02
Time:        09:47 AM


This is my first visit to the web site.  Very impressed.  A lot of work went into making this site very attractive and informative.
Carolyn Raines Melton


This is a great web site and have enjoyed every part of it. I spend hours 
looking up different things. Thanks for taking your time doing this
May God Bless You.
Margaret Gamble Koch


I really like the web site. So many memories. So little time. Glad to know we will all be seeing each other in just a few short weeks. Can it really be 35 years since we all graduated? This site reminds me of my youth. You really have done a marvelous job creating this site. Thank you for the effort and creativity. 



I want to personally thank Jim Steward for setting up our class web site. I just browsed again to see who was added new. This was and is a job well done. In between the years, we can always enjoy news about our class via the net thanks to the dedication of this web master. Many thanks for all the time that you spend doing this for WHS 67. 
Sudie Irby Landry


Hail, Alma Mater, Knights so true---clothed in scarlet and royal blue. 
Our faith and love we pledge to thee, written high in liberty. YOUR LAURELS 
ARE VAST AND AS SURE AS THE DAWN---we praise thee forever and ever 

(Who said my memory is gone????)


I want to thank Jim Steward for setting up the webb page and hope that 
after the reunion the site can remain. Will be a great way to keep up with 
our classmates.

Thank you reunion committee for all of the work that you have done 
planning the reunion. I am getting excited about attending.

See everyone on the 14th-15th.

Sandra Holder


I check the website every week or so, it is great! Jim, thanks for making it so helpful and professional looking. Being away from Lousiana, the website has helped keep up just a little with good old WHS. God Bless 

J Gilbert

Comments: I too want say how thankful I am for the hard work Jim Steward did to set our web site up and all the improvements he has done to make it the best class site in the country. I would also like to say thank you to the original reunion committee for letting me become a part of you and allowing me to join in on the fun. I am so proud and humble God allowed me to be a part of such a great class of the 1967 Woodlawn Knights. Lamar Methvin

Comments: Jim, I think your site is a great idea for all. We can come here just to check in or browse as we wish.You can really tell someone stays up late at night to keep it running in good order!Jerry and I had a super time at the reunion as I hope all the others attending did. The food was, well, okay-if you eat healthy but the band was the most!!!Wish we could talk ya'll into a reunion every year.!!!Check ya'll out later! Marty and Jerry Wilcoxen

Thanks for the work to produce and maintain the site-very well done-sad to 
see so many have passed away-life is uncertain-Christ is for sure. 
Remembering--is bittersweet-but we don't know what we don't know, do we. Good to 
see so many participating. Dave James


Good luck with your reunion.  I am from the class of 1962.  We struggled 
with the pains of being a new school and with the onset of war...we lost a 
few of our classmates in Vietnam.  We also considered ourselves the 
greatest class, but alas, we seemed to have dropped the ball.  No reunions have 
been planned since 1982.  We always had our reunions with the class of 
1961 since both classes were rather small.  Anyway, it was good to find your 
webpage and I just wanted to wish you luck.  Elayne (May) Parris, class of 

Hi,Your site is so welcome to a 65 graduate. I found nothing for 1965, so was thrilled to see such thought & organization effort put into whs 67. I'm Wanda Lewis,class of 65. I've lived my adult life away from Shreveport & Louisiana. However,my sister Joyce Lewis Canizaro still lives there and said there is a "Birthday Party for all Woodlawn grads" this year. Know anything about it? Again, my congratulations for having such a great site. I know it's no small feat to gather info, then update, then keep "someone" working on all this- in your spare time? GREAT JOB! I'm getting sentimental in my...what am I saying? OH, MY GOD. My best to everyone...(my little brother DANNY LEWIS is actually a 67 graduate..tall,skinny, knew the asst principal by first name!) Hope to hear from someone in 1965 class-or about them. Thanks. Wanda(Lewis) Williams

Was great to see this. I'm from the class of '66, but couldn't find 
anything on 1966. Great job!
Linda Guidry(Toms)