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Gloria Jimerson Campbell
 12336 Rust Ln. Keithville, La. 71047

 After graduation I went to work at Western Electric which change to AT&T,  Lucent then Avaya. I retired after 32yrs.9 months of service. I have 1 daughter and 3 grandchildren. I enjoy golfing and caring for my granddaughter. Having lots of fun.


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Kathy Jones Murphy
Spouse:  Pat Murphy
112 Heather Glen
Coppell, TX  75019

So far my life has been rewarding and satisfying due to  family and
friends.  Our oldest son, Alex, just returned from 2 yrs. of mission work in S.E. Asia and is now in Austin wrapping up a degree in Asian Studies w/a
specialty in Chinese.  Our youngest son, Tony, will graduate from high school this year.  I was fortunately able to stay home w/them most of their school career.  We had a great time going on trips together & I really miss their company but I guess that's what happens when you are successful in raising independent children! We look forward to knowing them more as adult friends. 
I have been working in the field of disabilities for several yrs & am now
a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for Texas. Clients have been
challenging and excellent teachers.

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Lorra (Judd) Alleman
5711 Lakefront Drive, Shreveport LA 71119

Married Jim Lott at 22. 2 beautiful daughters, Meredith and Stephanie. Divorced 11 years later. Went back to school and got my CPA. Married Gene Alleman in 1994, and gained another beautiful daughter, Carey and a son, Mark. Gene and I work in our 2 motorcycle dealerships. Carey and her husband have given us a wonderful grandchild, Carson, who is now 19 months old. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our 35th (that CAN'T be right!?!) reunion.

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Sherry Johnson Kissler
10823 No. Mill Ct #
Omaha, NE   68154
402  496-1993  


Are you sure it has been 10 years??? Sure seems like less. Since our last class reunion, my life has changed in so many ways. I have been single for the last 4 years. At the beginning, I almost lost my life, but by the Grace of God and the help of great friends--I am a survivor. I am enjoying life to its fullest. I have 3 grandchildren, ages 13, 6 and 4 from my daughter (they are MY gift from God for not killing her when she was growing up), and four "GRANDCATS" from my son (the perfect child--but don't ask his wife!!) and Rosie, a Jack Russell emotional therapy dog, who has been a Godsend in my recovery. She will be flying with me and actually get to sit in my lap the entire trip.  Funny how this will work--instead of my parents babysitting my children, they will baby sit my dog!!. I have just retired from nursing-working only enough hours to keep my license current. I am off to new adventures. I am taking dance lessons-finding out I do NOT have 2 left feet and LOVING every new dance I learn. (am hoping to get ASKED and NOT be a wallflower), learning to fly with my grandson (what a hoot!!), shoveling tons of snow this winter, dressed in 15 layers to survive the job. I have done some traveling to Hawaii to be a guest church pianist for a week for my Pastor friend, Jamaica with my church to teach poor 5 year olds in Vacation Bible School, and Monte Carlo just for fun. My hobbies include scrap booking, antiques, shopping flea marts, crafts, and taking short day trips with my son on his Honda Gold Wing while seeing this beautiful countryside in Iowa and Nebraska. I date a wonderful guy who is an engineer for UPRR who has taught me life IS worth sticking around for and humor is a fantastic attribute that has given me the courage to step out of my "shell" and try new and exciting adventures without being afraid. My next planned stunt is tandem jumping out of an airplane this summer hopefully with a handsome Marine!! (I can always hope???). Looking forward to my visit to Shreveport to see my family-my Mom and Dad who are still very active in their mid 80's and healthy in their lives-thank God--some very close friends, and, of course, ALL of you. And since I am still in my 30's, it will be interesting to be with all "baby boomers" who will attend. See you there!!!





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Donna Lynn Johnson Herndon
spouse: James 
10308 McElroy Dr
Keithville, La. 71047

Married in 1966 To James Herndon We have two children, girls. Dawn is 32 and has 1 child she is 15  and Jamie is 29 Jamie has 2 children a boy 6 and a girl 9. We have lived in Keithville 23 years. We have 
Herndon Tree Service and Love & Kisses Gift Baskets. God Has Been so good to us. We are so blessed.



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James E. Jones (wife Lisa)
5738 N. Cape Dr.
Chandler, Tx. 75758


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