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Cheryl (Hendrix) Ross
9499 Brayton Drive, #14, Anchorage, Alaska 99507

I went to La. Tech for a little over two years, then married and went to work.  The Air Force eventually brought us to Anchorage, Alaska, in 1972.  We were married for 27 years and then divorced.  I have a son, 25, and a daughter, 13.  And being newly engaged to my absolute soul mate, I have four more, from ages 9 to 18.  Currently I work fulltime for a small dress shop and own a espresso shop (which my son runs).  I have worked commercial insurance, legal secretary, owned my own court reporting business, and run a lodge.  Quite varied and quite fun!  I also camp, fish and moose hunt.  Life is full and wonderful!  Would love to hear from my old buddies!

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 Wally Hood
 7134 Nixon, Greenwood, La.

 Hello to everyone and I hope all of you are fine these days. I have spent most of the time working for the fire dept. in Shreveport. My wife, Loretta, is a Fair Park graduate and we have one daughter whose name is Kendra. Kendra is married and Lives in Haughton, La.
  Loretta and I enjoy working around the house and in the yard. We have a barn behind the house and that is where I spend a lot of my time trying to build something simple. Ha! Loretta makes sure I don't run out of something to do. Ha!
  I have really enjoyed reading Jim Steward's Web page on the Reunion for next year. This is a really  good way to say hello to everyone. So many of you are having an interesting life and have moved off to some very interesting places. I have stayed in touch with some of the "old gang" over the years and it has been fun growing older together. I talk to Edwin Tubbs quit a bit and we enjoy talking about the old and the new days. I guess everyone says the same thing but I still believe we had a fine bunch of Teachers and students at WHS. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion, it will be here before you know it. Thank you for the Memories.
              Your Friend,
                   Wally Hood

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Rebecca Harris Rills
601 Brookside Drive Condo#10
Little Rock, AR 72205-1675
501 227 5832

I have lived in Little Rock since 1974.  I am raising a niece, Jami, who
is 17 and the daughter of my baby sister Trisha Harris Jackson who was
class of 1981.  She passed away in 1984 from injuries in an auto accident. Jami is a real joy.  I have been "single again" since 1979.  Almost married a couple of times since then but just haven't felt like it was what I needed to be doing at the time!!! Ha!  I am a nurse at the wonderful Univ. of Arkansas Medical Sciences.  I am in charge of the operating room at the Jones Eye Institute.  The retirement benefits are great and I hope to be enjoying them in about 8 years!!  Can't believe it is so close!!! My mom and sister Ann Harris Strickland Class of 1966
live in LR also.  I have spoken to a few knights this year but have lost
touch over the years with so many who are forever in my memory!!! I wish
the reunion was later in the summer as I already have the entire month of June planned with a trip overseas.  I hope the reunion date will somehow change, but if not maybe my email will be busy renewing old friendships.  

God bless you all!!!!!

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George Humphries
Spouse:  Sherry 
PO Box 1218
Mena, Arkansas  71953

I'm not room temperature yet!

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Sandra F. Holder
 2100 Fountain View, #53, Houston, TX 77057
 713) 780-7089 (home) (281) 293-3385 (office)

 Since graduation I went to LA Tech for 2 years.  Decided that I didn't want to be a teacher so I went back home and took a business course.  In 1970 began work with United Gas Pipe Line Company in Shreveport as a secretary.  Moved to Houston in 1975 with United when the company moved everyone to Houston.  In 1986 got caught in the downsizing that hit the oil industry.  Spent 6 months looking for a job.  Was able to go to work for Conoco Inc.  Have been with them for 15 years.  I am currently the Administrative Assistant to the General Manager, Tax who is also the Chief Tax Officer of Conoco.  Love my job.

I have done some traveling.  I have been to Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, California, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Washington, D.C., Canada (3 times), the UK and France.

My parents still live in Shreveport in the same house that I lived in when I was going to school.  My brothers live in the Shreveport area and my sister lives in Rowlett, Texas.  I am the proud aunt of 4 nephews - ages 26 to 2.  I am still single.  Mr. Right has never come along and I am afraid that I am so set in my ways that if he did come along I wouldn't know what to do with him.

I am an active member of my church.  Volunteer at church and in the community.  I am a season ticket holder at a local community theater.  I am very happy with my life.

I have attended all of the reunions we have had and am looking forward to attending our 35th.

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Clair Hanson Dannhaeuser
Spouse : Charles "Butch"
P.O. Box 472
Marshall, TX 75671
(903) 938-3665

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Patty Hodge Wilks
Spouse: Rusty Wilks
2433 Folkstone Way
Bedford, Tx

Tell you more later, definitely coming to reunion

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Betty Jo Holland Shafer
7951 Walnut Hill
Dallas, TX 75234

Married and divorced twice; Two wonderful sons and one beautiful 
granddaughter; Started college at the age of 30 and completed my MBA when my 
youngest son was 17;  Currently working for Avaya as a Materials Manager, but 
getting ready to retire at the end of 2001 and hope to open my own business; 
Have traveled all over the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Clif Hart
PO Box 147
Channelview, Tx  77530

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Foy Hunter
706 Livingston Av
Shreveport, LA  71107


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Jane Anne Hurley Weatherford
spouse:  William
12315 33rd Street
Santa Fe, Texas  77510

Info to come later

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